A collectible mascot by RAMA WORKS® around KIMPARKS LAB Cubing toy.

My name is NEMO 네모, I am *the* RAMA WORKS® Cubing.
I am the functional incarnation of design in a simple, adorable form.  
I am the one and only Cubing, a unique collaboration lovingly crafted between RAMA WORKS® and KIMPARKS LAB.
It is known that KIMPARKS LAB does amazing work raising and caring for all sorts of Cubings in South Korea.
 I am, however, the very first of my kind as the premier RAMA WORKS® Figures Cubing but created to the same precise and exacting standards as the rest of my family at KIMPARKS LAB! 
I’m so special!.
This means I’m done the RAMA WORKS® way.
Did you notice my four-letter name? Korean for square. NEMO (네모), that’s me!
​​​​​​​What do I do? Why am I here? Did you even ask any of those? 
You’re curious, I love it! Let’s take a little tour here. Walk with me. 
Or… maybe, just carry me please. Truly I was discovered in a shared appreciation for shape, design & function. I am the aesthetic of simplicity. An embodiment of core RAMA WORKS® philosophies, playfulness & style.
There’s a hidden tray located…wait, what does this say... in my face? Oh. Well. 
It appears to be in my face. Yep, just pull it right out I guess. This is achieved thanks to a dovetail locking system which will let you…. Swap my face? (I need to talk to someone about this). Well okay? Great! Go ahead and switch my face for…. One of my other faces. Wait… are they mine? I can’t think about this right now, but expect more information about my faces soon! My face (located very much in my personal space!) creates a perfect place for safeguarding of your particular possessions and keepsakes. This way, a Cubing can make a really special gift within a gift! Just imagine all the small, ring-shaped (perhaps) trinkets and thoughtful ideas you could put inside. You could make someone special, very very happy! (Tray interior measurements shown below) The small tray glides out smoothly, and rests just as snug thanks to its dovetail locking system.    
I begin my life, asleep in my raw state, yet to be given life and duties. From there I am crafted meticulously with the utmost attention, like anything certified at RAMA WORKS®. Did I mention my duties?
 I worked very hard at the RAMA WORKS® HQ overseeing production and QA. I have recently been decommissioned, and that's how I find myself here, ready for a new adventure! As I have been officially decommissioned from the RAMA WORKS® factory, you can find a seal of authenticity. My own serialization (etched directly onto my body) represents my unique employee number in the company line. At RAMA WORKS®, build quality is paramount. This is doubly true for the units in charge of our production. As such, Cubings are decommissioned at a steady, healthy pace. 
Work-life balance is extremely important. We know it, our Cubings know it. They have become very taken with their motor-racing hobby, it’s really the biggest craze. There’s a burgeoning custom-scene. Stay tuned for future seasons to see what they think of next! It’s really quite adorable. Cubings are allowed to leave their work duties at RAMA WORKS®
when they feel they have exhausted their love for production. They can begin their love for you! As a result, they are never overworked, never unhappy, never more than a scratch or blemish. Robot freckles, really. What better way to continue their work than by overseeing your desk, your office, any space you want, really. 
NOTE: NEMO was a helper at RAMA WORKS®, and has gone through a fair bit throughout his lifetime of work - he may come with some minor imperfections to his shiny body, but each adds to his own personal character.

The first release of the NEMO bots are machined out of a solid block of Aluminium and weighs in at 300 grams. Each NEMO is hand-polished to a reflective finish and anodised to protect the surface.

There are multiple ways you can store NEMO. In his swing base where he plays loosely, 
the base station where he stands firmly and anywhere else he can sit freely! 

NOTE: The swing base will be introduced in later decommissions of NEMO.

An accessory for the RAMA WORKS® x KIMPARKS LAB NEMO Cubing toy.
The first iteration of NEMO’s personal, recreational vehicle. 
The RW01 offers premium quality components in a range of customizable and interchangeable features ensuring each car is as unique as the Cubing sitting snugly inside. The signature design of RAMA WORKS®: our materials, build quality and creative design has come together more polished and harmonious than ever before. 
Each Cubing is entitled to enjoy unlimited recreational use in their RW01 for life after being decommissioned from the RAMA WORKS® factory. Cubings are free to modify their vehicle to match their mood, their human or their surroundings in several ways. Vinyl Stickers & Sets are already being designed and will become available in later seasons. The silicone headrest insert can also be interchanged between different colours. Tyres are available in 3 different sport compounds - offering another layer of personalization, style and driving characteristic. Available in SOFT / MEDIUM / HARD tyres. Rim sets are available in various materials for personalisation - aluminium/brass/titanium.
NOTE: The RW01 is hand-operated! Certainly, NEMO believes he is careening around the warehouse with reckless abandon, but we do not have the heart to tell him it is his own overly active imagination. Since there are no electronics inside or included in the chassis, you must steer and ‘safely’ guide him on his way.
NOT a children's toy, merely for adults.

The edition 1 is a limited release of the RW01 car.
Polished to a reflective finish then anodized to protect the surface.
​​​​​​​Polished to a reflective finish then painted to the perfect finish.
The RW01 is machined from a solid billet of Aluminium and weighs 975 grams(not including NEMO!)​​​​​​​
Make the RW01 your own. There is a variety of RIMs/TYREs & other accessories you can swap out on your collectible RW01. With many more arriving in later seasons.



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